Fengshui Fairy hanging mobile with Led light

Harmonizes and beautify your space with a Fengshui Fairy mobile with Led light and faceted Crystal ball

• Torso in polymer clay, painted with special heat-dried oil paints.

• Coloured fabric and fibre dress designed to give an ethereal look. Lace bodice. Without legs.

• Coloured bells at the base of the skirt that tinkle softly.

• Decorative motifs may vary depending on the colour of the Fairies, from gold or silver, with colourful beads and/or Swarovski crystals.

• Head with crown or tiara decorated with colored glass.

• Wings that mimic either Dragonfly or Butterfly wings (choice of colour), translucent appearance with a iridescent green and violet colour, with a wet dew drop look.

• Silver colour hook, double thick thread and transparent silicone end to hang it with.

• Feng Shui Crystal Measures: 1.37" (3.5 cm.)

• Led light powered by button batteries (included)


In feng shui crystal balls are used to bring a harmonious, calming energy to any space. If a house has many arguments, a clear quartz crystal ball will be placed in the living room to soothe and clear the energy. Crystal balls can also be used in a business setting to smooth the edges of chaotic, competitive energy and make it more productive.

 When you have these feng shui crystals hang in a sunlit window, you will watch a beautiful play of rainbow lights in your home, which sure creates excellent feng shui energy. You do not need to have your feng shui crystals in all windows, just have them in a window with most sunlight.

Feng shui-wise, crystal spheres are also used:

• In a window that has Sha Chi energy directed at it.

• In a long narrow hallway with little or no light.

• In a dark corner that easily accumulates stagnant energy

• In an area of your house with too much chaotic energy, such as a small space with too many doors, for example.

Sometimes you can find a faceted round feng shui crystal sphere hang on a red string with several small crystals. The smaller crystals will emphasize the specific feng shui use of the crystals sphere.




(Continue after the photos to choose the color and place the order)

nº 9 "Blueberry Fantasy" (Sold)

nº 8 "Sweet Rose" (Sold)

nº 7 "Blue Ninfa" (Sold)

nº 6 "Mystic Forest" (Sold)

nº 5 "Gold Fire" (Sold)

nº 4 "Little Ireland" (Sold)

nº 3 "Purple Passion" (Sold)

nº 2 "Morning Butterfly" (Sold)

nº 1 "Dulce malva" (Sold)

Fengshui Fairy BY ORDER: Available color combinations

Order your Fairy Feng Shui with Led Light and choose the hue you prefer. (Butterfly Wings Dragonfly Wings or the right tone) Can be two options to choose hair in some cases:

Fengshui FAIRY Mobile with Led Light

Fengshui FAIRY MOBILE hanging Led Light.

The completion time is week approx.

 Time of sending (parcel): 7 to 10 days for Europe. 10 to 15 days for the USA and international.

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